Hi, I’m Christian M. Bell Onyemali,

A recent study conducted by EveryAction*, revealed that while 90% of the study’s 460 surveyed nonprofit professionals indicated that their organization collects data, less than 50% admitted that they’re not fully aware of the ways data impacts their work.

And that’s where I come in.

As the founder of Eleven 11 Consulting, LLC, I’m known for using my advanced skills and passion for evaluation to position mission-driven organizations to use data to improve operations, entice donors, create value for community members and maximize their impact.

Known throughout my childhood as the “information center,” my love for collecting (and sharing) little-known facts and useful statistics has transformed into an uncanny knack for turning troves of data into solution-inducing insights. Insights that my nonprofit clients use to achieve next-level success and make a more expansive impact on the communities they serve.

I’ve used my superpowers in research and evaluation to:
⭐ Position an organization to better leverage its data by creating a new role that set the standard for data analytics across 4 regions

⭐ Create a strategy that helped an organization better clarify its initiative outcomes and goals and pull in a ten-fold increase in the initiative’s desired outcomes

⭐ Develop an organizational strategy that captured key insights and data points from a multimillion-dollar annual event and leveraged the collected data to improve the facilitation of future events

⭐ Advise an organization on how to use data to showcase the impact of their work in a meaningful way that enticed donors to contribute to their cause.

Now, these results only scratch the surface of how I’ve helped nonprofits maximize the value of their data.

Ready to achieve transformative impact in the communities your organization services? Visit bit.ly/callwithChristian and let me show you how to collect and analyze the right data and turn it into valuable, solution-driving insights.

*EveryAction Study: https://www.everyaction.com/blog/5-things-you-need-know about-nonprofits-big-data/

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