Founded by research and evaluation expert Dr. Christian Bell Onyemali, Eleven 11 Consulting helps organizations collect, analyze, and transform their data into meaningful insights. After decades in the nonprofit and educational sectors, Dr. Onyemali recognized the need for better understanding of the connection between data collection and decision making.

Dr. Onyemali specializes in helping organizations decide what data needs to be collected, what the data indicates, and how the data can be used to impact missions. As a result of proven methodologies, Dr. Onyemali and Eleven 11 Consulting have helped 10 organizations transform their data into countless key-decisions, tangible action, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and revenue.

I’ve used my superpowers in research and evaluation to:

⭐ Led an organization to 10x increase in desired outcomes by creating a data informed initiative strategy

⭐ Leveraged the key insights and data points from a multimillion-dollar annual event and organizational strategy into improvements for future event facilitation.

⭐ Created an organization’s new role impacting the standard for data analytics across four regions

⭐ Steered an organization to greater donor contributions through the creation of a data-forward impact summary

➡️ Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result. (Source)

What we offer:
Assessment and survey design
Strategic impact planning
Evaluation workshops and training
Systems assessment
Data-driven action planning

Who we serve:
Nonprofit Organizations
Educational Institutions
Healthcare Groups
Tech Companies

The RIGHT data drives missions, demonstrates value, and impacts the bottom line.